How To Travel The World By Freelance Writing

When I was in China I started reading Tom Ewer’s blog Leaving Work Behind. Tom broke out of his job by freelance writing for blogs. I ultimately decided I didn’t want to write full time, but continue to take freelance writing gigs here and there to supplement my income. I find writing relaxing, and I enjoy learning new things about the topics I’m assigned.

I currently get paid $40-$60 for articles with SEOPerks. They will send me an offer, and if I have time I will usually take it. I write one or two articles a week, and they pay me through Paypal. It has to be some of the easiest money I’ve earned, as it usually takes me one to two hours to write an article.

If you’re interested in freelance writing I recommend Tom’s blog above as well as the job boards at ProBlogger. Remember, you can travel the world on $50 a day. If you want to travel writing for a couple hours a day on the road isn’t a bad way to do it.

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